Masha has quite a complex character, but it is always interesting to be with her in the same company. She is stubborn and can insist on her point of view for a long time. She always has her own opinion on a certain issue, which she considers the only correct one, and therefore prefers to defend it in the dispute at all costs. Besides, she painfully tolerates any criticism. In addition, she tries to draw the right conclusions from her mistakes...

Melek is a real diamond. This girl is very shy and incredulous. She limits the circle of people with whom personal topics can be discussed. However, almost any acquaintance she takes to heart, because by nature she is an emotional person. Sometimes, she chooses a defensive position in any relationship, and but it is not difficult to establish contact with her. She likes to interact with interesting and unordinary people. Very often in her..

Natasha is a real princess of beauty. She is romantic and tender. Besides, by nature she is an active and energetic person, who always achieves the set goals. She also manages always and everywhere exclusively on her own and do not ask for help from surrounding people. Natasha is an open and kind person, but her character is very specific. Sometimes Natasha is very stubborn, quick-tempered and arrogant. The impulsiveness of her nature often..

Beautiful Daisy enjoys her life and takes everything from it. In general, she produces a positive attitude towards others. She is sociable, although sometimes she is too chatty, benevolent, and balanced. Daisy seldom performs impulsive actions under the influence of a bad mood, and therefore, the relationship with other people in her life remains invariably smooth and stable. Very often after seeing that relatives are in trouble, is ready to..

One of the main qualities of Emily's character is the easiness in communication, which sometimes even borders on talkativeness. She is happy with any company, and wherever she is, Emily almost always attracts attention. She enjoys authority, always looks benevolent and pacified. By her nature, she is balanced, and impulsive actions under the influence of a bad mood almost does not occur in her life. Moreover, she remains calm, if it is required..

It must be said that Meggy belongs to the category of people who are not exactly lost in life, as she has more than enough qualities to achieve the goals. Therefore, for example, Meggy has the observation, which allows her to make the necessary acquaintances, to learn immediately to understand a person and adjust to him. At the same time, Meggy has no curiosity, and often she uses only her natural data, without trying to self-form and develop in..


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